Dawn Cheetham LCSW

Dawn of Love

Individual, Adolescent and Family Therapy

Some real things have happened lately, by even looking you at my profile, you have taken your step toward recovery.

Feeling stuck in some part of your life? Are you having difficulties in a relationship? Do you feel like no one else can understand your troubles? Some times we have problems that we just don't want to share with friends or family. That's when therapy could benefit you. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I specialize in helping people work through any issue that is preventing them from living up to  their fullest potential. I have both day and evening appointment time for your convenience.

We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.  - Albert Einstein

1075 Easton Avenue, Tower 3 Suite 5, Somerset, New Jersey 08873

Phone Number 973-856-3566






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